Hcs/483- Health Care Information Systems

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Information Systems Brief

|project name: |project nUMBER: |

|EMR Acquisition |01/01 |

|Business Unit: |Start of Change: |END OF CHANGE: |

|Health Care Provider |12/12/11 |12/19/12 |


|CIO | |


| | |

|QA ManageR: | |Estimated Hrs: |

| | | |

|Is Project in current Business Plan? | |Estimated expense: |

|Yes | |$TBD |

Brief Overview

The acquisition process begins at minimizing financial risks and preparing for the migration from paper to electronic record. This organization’s goal is to implement a system that provides quality healthcare, patient safety and cost effectiveness. As a result physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff will have a system that provides a functionality that provides interoperability and...