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Pierre Vernimmen



Second Edition

Pascal Quiry Maurizio Dallocchio Yann Le Fur Antonio Salvi


Corporate Finance is a very useful reference book for students and for operators who will get great help in the present complex environment to learn the principles of the financial markets and their practical application. Written with a clear and logical approach it shows also some interesting cases that make study easier and stimulating. Gabriele Galateri, Chairman of Telecom Italia

The book, newsletter, and website are all very interesting and useful. The book is 47 chapters (about 1 000 pages) full of corporate finance. I have to agree with the authors: “It is a book in which theory and practice are constantly set off against each other . . .” I really like it. Especially the emphasis not so much on techniques (“which tend to shift and change over time”). Very well done! Moreover, the authors also put out a monthly newsletter and have a web site that could stand alone as one of the best in the business. Check it out! Jim Mahar, Associate Professor of Finance at St. Bonaventure University and author of

As a Mexican-born, French-educated, German-based portfolio manager, I’ve worked and invested in several European countries. The multi-country content of the “Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice” book makes it my preferred companion as I work in a cross-border environment. Its international focus is the perfect complement to my multicultural experience. Sergio Macias, CFA Portfolio Manager, Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH

This book was for sure the first Finance book I read as a student in my twenties. I read it again in my thirties to review some of the key Finance challenges I was facing in my professional life and I am now, in my forties, reviewing it another time to compare the reality I have to face now in Asia, with the most advanced financial concepts. I have never...