Security Enhancements for Quality Web Design

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Security Enhancements for Quality Web Design

SE571 Principles of Information Security and Privacy

Keller Graduate School of Management

Executive Summary

The contents of this report are meant to bring to light two major security vulnerabilities within the network of Quality Web Design and to resolve them. By addressing the issues, the hope is that Quality Web Design will rectify these issues. Two vulnerabilities were found; the vulnerabilities found are within the physical network hardware in the form of the T1 Frame Relays and within their policy for Disaster Recovery and Off Site Storage of their data.

Company Overview

Quality Web Design specializes in web site and web content design with the goal of helping to create more customer generated revenue through the use of their high quality designs.

Quality Web Design has multiple business critical processes, one of which is the repository of web site templates, custom scripts and custom applications. This repository resides on a server that utilizes Microsoft Visual Studio’s Team Foundation Service. The prime objective of this server is to house an application, which is used to monitor the project development life cycle.

Other mission critical systems are the Accounting, Payroll, and Marketing systems which have access controls to protect against unauthorized access. (Krell, 2011, Course Project Scenarios)

Network Overview

The WAN connects the Corporate Office to a smaller Remote office via L2TP/IPSec VPN tunnels, which is placed between both the corporate firewall (Juniper ISG2000) and the remote office’s firwall (Juniper SSG140). The WAN is also responsible for providing Internet to both offices via T1 Frame Relay circuits and ISP controlled Internet routers.

The corporate and remote offices have the following services accessible to all employees from corporate owned devices: VPN, Outlook Web Access (OWA), Active Sync for Exchange. Additionally, OWA is open and available from any computer in...