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A4 Case Study Reporter

Leon ( siming shao)

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English preparation Program 6

Kaye Carter & Peter Griziotis

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Due date: 16/1/2012


This case is about Zenova which is a German company sell healthy and beauty products. Unfortunately, a team of this company met some troubles. The situation was that the team members’ morale is low and progress is also too much slow. According to team members feedback to their manager whose name is Rydn Douglas. It is clearly that the management style is not suitable for his team, so the company want to choose from two candidates who can replace him. In this case study report, the cause of team’s troubles will be identified and analyzed. Then two possible solutions and an evaluation of these will be presented. Finally, a recommendation will be made about who is the better candidate to lead this team.

Problem identification and analysis

The first problem is that project behind schedule. Some symptoms can be presented as employees complain that Rydn does not listen subordinates’ opinions, hates others to disagree him. An analysis about the team’s symptoms which can be linked with Rydn’s management style. The leadership style of Rydn is directing style. The definition of directing style is that manager tells his/her employees what exactly to do and how to do it in detail (Thornton. 2004, p.77). Some employees said that Rydn just want to be done in his own way because communication in the directing style is defined as “leader speaks; people listen and react” (Thornton. 2004, p.78). However, employees can not contribute their opinions under the directing style thus Rydn just makes decisions by his own knowledge or experience who does not use the full power of whole team. The furthermore,...