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Riordan Manufacturing is an international company that started from the work of Dr. Riordan, a professor of chemistry. The company started out in 1991 concentrating on research and development and then moved into manufacturing. Now the company has four plants and is looking to bring the manufacturing under one system for each of the departments.

The company will need to assess the Internet site, mission and description of the company. Once this is done, there are four main parts to the company that are going to be evaluated. These are the finance and accounting, human resources and legal, sales, and marketing and operations. For each part, the current situation will be assessed and how the company is functioning in those departments. Once one understands how the company is currently working, then recommendations will be made to update or correct possible issues that are in place. These changes will help the company continue to provide quality product and possibly expand their current customer base.

Internet, Mission and Description

The company does have a website that gives a good tutorial which explains who the company is and what it can do. The website has only one page with no way to contact the company from the website for more information on how the company can help. The graphics are pictures of some of the product, the company building and logo.

The company needs to look at upgrading its website to include some interactive pieces that could be used by future or prospective clients to see what the company is all about. The other major upgrade needed on the site is an e-mail or chat type of addition so customers can get information quickly while they are online. This would be especially helpful for those that might be surfing to find a new vendor or getting ideas on what types of products are available. The company could also take another step and allow the companies who currently using Riordan’s services to reorder or check on...