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James M. Maskulka

Associate Professor

Department of Marketing

(610) 758-4774

Marketing Internship Contract:

MKT 373 Marketing Internship (1.0 credit)

Based on a student’s work experience, a sponsoring faculty member shall direct readings, projects, and other assignments–including a "capstone report." It should be noted that the work experience (at least 80 hours), by itself, is not the basis for academic credit. The faculty directed activity must be provided concurrent with the work. Course registration and related arrangements must be made in advance of the work engagement. This course must be taken Pass/Fail and cannot be used to satisfy marketing major requirements. Prerequisites: MKT 211, declaration of a marketing major, junior standing, and department approval. May be repeated once.

The student must satisfy the following set of requirements before registering for the Marketing Internship course --MKT 373.

1. The student must satisfy the prerequisites for the course.

For MKT 373, the prerequisites are: completion of MKT 211, declaration of a marketing major, junior standing, and department approval. MKT 373 -- Marketing Internship (1.0 credit) may be repeated once.

2. The student must secure an internship.

3. The internship supervisor must agree to provide an evaluation of your internship experience at the end of the term. See sample form at the end of this contract.

4. A contact sheet with the following information must be provided to Professor Maskulka.

a. Your name

b. Your email address

c. Address and Phone Number

d. Approximate dates of your internship work

e. Approximate number of hours per week

f. Name, title, and phone number of your internship supervisor

g. Name and address of the firm responsible for your internship

5. An email from your supervisor outlining the Internship position, as well as, what the student Intern should learn from this experience.

6. This agreement must be signed and...