Usa World Bank Problem Solution Paper

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Problem Solution: USA World Bank

Problem Solution: USA World Bank

Why is research so important? Research is used to gather information in a company about the viewpoints of a staff, customers or potential customers. The importance of research is based on the need for knowledge and individuals being able to make decisions derived from data, judgments and facts. Every facet of the research process makes it easier for the company to prosper in the decision-making process. One important facet of research is the concepts of statistics. Statistics is the study of collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data. Statistics is important in research because it uses different descriptive and inferential methods to draw inferences from data. USA World Bank is a global bank with a strong customer and business base both domestically and internationally. The company has enjoyed prominence over the years however with prestige comes increasing competition. To remain competitive within the industry the company has to develop successful products to be able attract and retain their client base. However, these products have not met foreign expectations, which puts pressure on the product development department headed by Brian Allen. Consequently, the company has developed two products to consider with the help of a research firm to determine which product will have the biggest impact in the marketplace. In this paper I will discuss the issues, opportunities, solutions, risks and implementation plan that USA World Bank can benefit from.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

What good is success without a few setbacks? Many companies build their strength from the way handle challenges and turn them into opportunities. The main issue facing USA World Bank is choosing which product to implement, the instant rewards credit card or the small business card. The instant rewards credit card allows...