Commercial Business

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COMMERCIAL BUSINESS - The activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects. commercial business makes a profit by procuring at the right time and price

A business can be defined as an organization that provides goods and services to others who want or need them. Business involves creation and distribution of goods with the object of earning profit.

From Van Den Bosch’s point of view, the intention was to get the financial report from his Mexican counterpart Pablo Menendez. He was optimistic that he would get Menendez’s attention and some answer for Malcolm Smythe-jones the British client.

2) After verbally abused by the British client Malcolm Smythe-jones, Van Den Bosch was not happy and felt to write his Mexican partner an e-mail equal in emotional intensity to the intense verbal attack he had been subjected to by the client. He felt that it would be inappropriate to send the email in emotional tone. So, he decided to cool off. After half an hour, he wrote the e-mail sticking to the “facts and figures”

3)In my opinion ,Pablo Menendez will not furnish the financial report as requested by Van den Bosch ,because the past record and in this connection he had exchange several e-mails over several weeks without getting the expected action and results.

4) Van den Bosch is under the influence of European culture as he works in the Netherlands office, In European culture, they give importance to the work first and then developing relationship, whereas Pablo is influenced by the Mexican culture, where in they give importance to relationship first then work. They have not met personally, so they haven’t developed personal relationship. The Past attitude of Pablo shows that most probably, he may not respond in a positive way