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Case Title:

Statement of the Problem

- Eat2Eat is currently facing sluggish growth after five years of its operation.


- To increase the profitability of the company.

- To raise additional capital.

Strategy Elements

- is an Internet-based restaurant portal promoting fine dining in the Asia Pacific regions. And it is an online reservation service.

- By January 2006, covered more than 800 restaurants in Bangkok, HongKong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul, Sydney, Taipei and Tokyo.

- The company also sold Web site banner advertisements to restaurants wanting additional promotions that contributed an additional 20 percent of the company’s total revenues.

- In 2004 Eat2Eat adapted to make its content and booking function accessible through WAP-enabled mobile phones.

- In 2005, third-party negotiations contributed the remaining 40 percent of Eat2Eat’s revenues through credit card companies.

- focused their promotional efforts on corporate customers.

- In May and June of 2004, partnered with leading regional newspaper, the Asian Wall Street Journal, for the first Eat promotion.

SWOTE Analysis


- Aggarwal as CEO of

- Being a highly-rated Internet based restaurant reservation online.


- They are lacking of capital.

- They are lacking also of employees to managed day-to-day operation.

- Current business model.


- Eat2Eat covered a lot of restaurant in large countries particularly in Japan.

- They do have also a joint venture with some credit line companies.


- The accurate change of technology.

- Language issues

- Difficult to gain acceptance of customer.


- is in the state of complexity of augmenting capital being known as a highly-rated online reservation in the restaurant industry.


One of the best way in able to have a possibility of having capital is through...