A Good Day Gone Bad

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A Good Day Gone Bad

By Courtney Chase

As I walked in, it was like any other day. The chill of the air conditioning felt great on my neck as I moved inside from the hot California sun. My hair was pulled back my long ponytail swinging back and fourth as I walked. I placed the chocolate cake down on the granite counter and moved to greet my friends who sat on the couch. The day was supposed to be relaxing, unfortunately that was not the case. “How about we get a couple pies?” My friend Blair mentioned, as she rose from the couch. Pizza sounded good to me, though we all know it doesn’t compare to a New York pie.

They called to order the pizza when I excused myself to call my “Oh so

Wonderful” boyfriend, Tyler outside. Blair and Tyler are brother and sister, but at the time Tyler was back home in Connecticut going to school at Uconn. We talked for a while about my day and his. We where having a wonderful conversation, I wished it would go on forever. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I paced back and fourth smiling and laughing in Blair’s garden speaking to the love of my life. We where deep in conversation, until Blair’s friend Adam approached me outside carrying a model airplane. He said, “Come on Court we’re going to fly the plane!” Seemed like a cool idea! The plane had a wingspan of three feet; it was Styrofoam with a metal propeller shaped like a bullet. I couldn’t wait to see this model soar into the blue sky that day so I hurried off the phone and the six of us headed out to the middle of the street. My mom, Adam, Blair, and her two friends Ronnie and Justin where ahead of me as we ventured into the road to see what this plane had going for it. Adam started up the plane and as it took off it cut through the air with more speed than I could ever imagine. Hundreds of feet into the sky twisting and turning, performing tricks you would see at a professional air show. Unfortunately this flight did not last long. The plane started...