Foreign Exchange Operations

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Chapter One


Origin of the Study Objectives of the Study Scope of the Study Methodology of the Study Limitations of the Study

Prepared By-Md. Moinuddin Hasan, Matrice No-B073097, IIUC


1.1 Origin of the Study

Internship is an imperative part of BBA course. It is considered as a bridge between academic knowledge and practical field. This report is prepared as a requirement for the completion of the BBA Program of IIUC. The primary goal of the internship curriculum is to provide an on the job exposure to the student and an opportunity for to implement theoretical concept in real life situation. The program covers an overall period of 3 months. Internship experience gives professional experience and practical orientation to students in the professional arena. In that regards, I Moinuddin Hassan was placed at National Bank Limited (NBL) for the internship program under the guidance of my faculty advisor Mr. Abu Hanifa Noman. As a requirement for the completion of the program I am required to submit this report, which would include an overview of the organization and elaboration of the project I was supposed to conduct during the internship period. The proposed topic of this internship report is “General Banking and Foreign Trade Operations of National Bank Limited.”

1.2 Objectives of the Study

1.2.1 General Objective:

The primary objective in this research paper is to fulfill the partial requirement in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree.

1.2.2 Specific Objective:

To present National Bank Ltd. at a glance. To understand general banking activities of the bank. To understand foreign trade financing of the bank. To evaluate general banking and foreign exchange performance of the branch. To identify the problems of general banking and foreign exchange. To recommend some policies to improve the general banking and foreign exchange operations of the bank.

Prepared By-Md. Moinuddin Hasan, Matrice No-B073097, IIUC


1.3 Scope of the...