New Online Car Business Marketing

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Business: I would like to establish a website that caters to middle to upper class clientele that is interested in purchasing exotic cars for a low price. By saying exotic cars, I mean cars such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Range Rover etc. The website will search all dealers and private sellers across the US and give the 5 best choices to the buyer. My business plan will include a commission for me for each car that is sold (sort of a finder’s fee).

I can run my business in 2 stages B2B and B2C. This can be achieved if I act as the retailer buying the car from either the manufacturer or a previous owner. This part of the transaction would be considered B2B because I am also acting as a business. Then I can turn around and sell the car to the customer (adding on commission). This part of the transaction can be labeled as B2C because I (business) am selling to the customer directly.

The target market for my business will mainly consist of middle income individuals who have always looked into buying exotic cars but were never able to afford the high monthly payments, high interest rates or the high prices. I will be helping them find the car of their choice within the budget they desire. The buyers will be individual who prefer name brand products such as Armani, Guess, Gucci, Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, but are not able to purchase these products all the time. These will be individuals who save up in order to purchase name brand luxury goods. Driving an exotic car gives them a sense of achievement. The buyers also believe that driving fancy cars or wearing luxury brands enhances their lifestyles and makes them part of the in-crowd. I have to also keep in mind the kind of things that will lead these buyers to make the decisions – free customer service, extended warranties, free maintenance and perks such as free washes and free oil changes.

I will have to make sure that the target market has an easy access to my products and services. This can...