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1.0 Introduction

The internship is a basic requirement for BBA program. For every business undergraduate of

IUB, BBA-499 is a requirement to complete the graduation and it is recognizable to us as

internship. Any academic course of study delivers a great value when it practical application in

real life. Only a lot of theoretical knowledge will generate little importance unless it is applicable

in practical life. Therefore proper application of knowledge is necessary to get some benefit from

the theoretical knowledge to make it more fruitful. When we engage ourselves in such fields to

make proper use of our theoretical knowledge in our practical life situ ation, only then we come

to know about the benefit of the theoretical knowledge. Such an application is made possible

through internship. Internship implies that the full application of the methods and procedures is

ensured through rich acquired knowledge of subject matter, which can be fruitfully applied in

our daily life. Such a procedure of practical application is known as internship. I have completed

my internship in National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited.

Measuring and managing the liquidity need s are vital for effective operation of commercial

banks. By assuring a bank's ability to meet its liabilities as they become due, liquidity

management can reduce the probability of an adverse situation developing. The importance of

liquidity transcends individual institutions, as liquidity shortfall in one institution can have

repercussions on the entire system. Bank managements should measure, not only the liquidity

positions of banks on an ongoing basis, but also examine how liquidity requirements are lik ely to

evolve under different conditions.

Banks are in the business of maturity transformation. They lend for longer time periods, as

borrowers normally prefer a longer time frame. But their liabilities are typically short term in

nature, as lenders normally prefer a shorter time frame...