Adhd Topic Sentence and Informal Outline

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Topic Sentence and Informal Outline Worksheet

Appendix H

“Adhd is a very challenging behavioral condition that affects many childrens and family’s”

I. Introduction- Patience is a challenge for those with ADHD. Such children then have difficulty paying attention to details and are easily distracted by other events that are occurring at the same time; Our learning involves family, Teachers, Professionals, As well as ourselves.

A. The core characteristics of ADHD are;




Social problems

B. The instructional program for students with ADHD recquires carefully planned educational interventions which address the physical environment, The classroom schedule, And the curriculum.

1. Classroom characteristics which promote successful inclusion for many children who have ADHD include:

a. Predictability

b. Structure

c. Shorter work periods

d. Small teacher to pupil ratio

e. More individualized instruction

f. Interesting curriculum

g. Positive behavior management

C. Impulsivity

Impulsivity is a defiency in inhibiting behavior or ‘’acting without thinking’’. The child may blurt out answers before a question is complete, Interrupt others, Rush through tasks, Or ask irrelevant questions. The child seems unable to wait, Take turns, Or hold back behaviors. The child may exhibit inappropriate or immature behaviors, Such as silliness, Uncontrolled laughing, Or temper tantrums

D. Hyperactivity

Hyperactivity children fidget with their hands or feet, Run about or climb excessively, Talk excessively, Or act as if they are ‘’driven by a motor’’. These children are often ‘’on the go’’ and engaged in physical activity not related to schoolwork (moving about the classroom, Handling materials inside the desk, Squirming). The movement is disorganized and unpredictable. Some children may talk rapidly, Loudly, Or incessantly. They have difficulty controlling movement, Particulary in settings requiring sitting or...