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Community Health Systems Business Analysis

Jenny Bono

Management 521

April 16, 2012

Paul Yakob

Community Health Systems (CHS) is one of the nation's leading operators of general acute care hospitals. The organization's affiliates own, operate, or lease more than 134 hospitals in 29 states with an aggregate of approximately 19,800 licensed beds (CHS, 2012, para 1). In more than 60 % of the markets served, CHS-affiliated hospitals are the sole provider of health care services (Vousvounis, 2011). Completion of a SWOT analysis of CHS provides detailed information and allows managers to effectively improve company practices. CHS’s stability has created itself as an attractive investment. Investors should review all financial aspects of the company prior to becoming a shareholder in this Fortune 500 Company. Stakeholders of CHS have vast needs and CHS strives to meet all goals set upon them. They have a proven track record of profitable hospitals among their competition.

SWOT Analysis


Community Health Systems focused on acquisitions of existing hospitals in the United States over the past few years and intensely focused on this in 2011. The company plans to continue its acquisitions in future years. They company is listed on the Fortune 500 list ranking number 190 with $13.6 billion in revenues. Community Healthcare Systems reached a record within the company with a 7.9 % increase over prior year revenues. Not only were records being broken in revenues the earnings per share were increased by 8.1 % and cash flow from operations increased 6.2 % more than 2010 (CHS, 2012).

Outreach to the community is strong among the corporation. They provide support for standardized community projects among their 134 hospitals (CHS, 2012). The company offers programs, such as Senior Circle, Healthy Woman, and CEO town hall meetings. Senior Circle is a “non-profit organization that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle for adults age...