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Apple Incorporated in 2009

Marsha Mullins

Bethel University

Ms. Kathy Simpson, Instructor

Strategic Planning MOD 440


Within this composition, the reader will find facts concerning the origin of Apple Inc. and also the constant developments within the company. Apple’s external and internal environment will be evaluated. These evaluations will include, but are not limited to; resources, cost position, and competitive strength, all of which tie into the SWOT analysis. The writer will summarize her findings and give her personal opinion if strategic issues and problems needing to be addressed by management exist and also point out the success factors and how to secure future success.

Apple Incorporated in 2009

Apple Incorporated is a very successful company. This did not happen overnight nor did it come easily. As with all companies, there was much work to be done, battles to fight, and obstacles to overcome. This is an ongoing process even today. Competition within the “technological world” is extreme and cumulative. Apple has proven to be a leader in introducing state-of-the-art, superior consumer electronics and will strive to continue to do so. Economic conditions and competitors are the main obstacles for Apple to focus, strategize, and plan around in order to preserve its lead in the business.

Apple Incorporated began in 1976 with the first Apple computer founded by Steven Wozniak and Steven jobs known as the Apple I. In 1978, the Apple II was hosted as the first mast-produced personal computer which included the first color display. Over ten thousand units were sold. Modifications were made to the Apple II and in 1984, the Macintosh computer was developed. Although this was a chief advancement in personal computing, it lacked necessary software availability to compete with the personal computer IBM presented in 1981.

Apple’s Certified Developer Program was highly regulated and made it difficult for software designers to get information...