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Princess Caitlynne Brooke added 24 new photos to the album memoriess2011.

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Michelle Seguin

Lot 102 is officially open today!!! Come on in and join the staff today and tonight with some amazing food and some drinks :) and check out our amazing new look :)

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Bailey Vipondposted toTanya Moratti

hey i found the book thank god and gave it to jan. its in good hands lol. anyway what are your plans for the weekend????

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Meaghann Marie Scherer

you know your a neat freak when you have dreams of cleaning other people's houses :/ weird

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Dalton Pysch Ward didnt happen to be my house did it

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Meaghann Marie Scherer Lol no.

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Dalton Pysch Ward ‎:(

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May Wut

Goodbye Toronto, you've done well in getting me into a lot of trouble and giving me an abundance of excruciating hangovers.

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Kaila Welsh

Deegan still won't sleep. He will be 6 months old in three weeks, I don't get it!!!!! :(

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Cassandra Dykeman Im right there with you:(. Owen wakes up at least twice a night on a good night. I've never had a straight sleep. I was worried something was wrong with Owen

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Kaila Welsh Oh Cass :(

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Cassandra Dykeman One day we will get our sleep!! Lmao

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