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Bachelor of Science in Information Management


Knowledge Management

Course Description (6 credits)

This course provides an introduction to Knowledge Management (KM) theory, issues and developments. Human elements relating to organizational culture and learning are the focus for examining models for knowledge creation, taxonomies and sharing. Change management, communities of practice and decision-making are explored. Technical elements relating to electronic tools and platforms such as groupware, document management, intranets, customer relationship management and the use of information and communication technologies will be examined.


The course aims to:

• Provide an overview of the issues and development in the field of KM;

• Introduce KM-related tools such as Wikis;

• Cover how KM is actually implemented in various industries and organizations;

• Equip students with the ability to conduct a small scale KM related research;

• Equip students with the ability to analyze a KM-related business case.

Pre-requisites, Co-requisites and prohibited combination

There are no pre-requisites and co-requisites for this course.


Dr. Sam Chu (2241-5894, e-mail:, Runme Shaw Building 111B)

Mr. Trevor Lui (6081-8777, e-mail:, Chief Commercial Officer, OKIA Optical Co., Ltd.)

Mr. Michael Liang (9035-9204, e-mail:, Director, WiderWorld Company Ltd.)

Course Coordinator

Dr. Sam Chu

Course Learning Outcomes (LO)

|LO No. |LO Statement |Related Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO) [1] |Related Assessment |

| | | |Task(s) |

|1 |Recognize KM theories, issues related to KM, and apply |1...