Hum 176 Week 9 Final Assignment

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Final Assignment

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HUM 176


Final Assignment

Part One

Hello, everyone my name is Mr. Bigmans and I would like to take some time to educate the people of Small Town USA about a scandal that has been uncovered and brought to the attention of me and our staff here at Bigmans News Inc. Recently, we have obtained some factual information regarding a certain individual that was in my employ here at Bigmans News Inc. Sadly we recently learned from some information that has been brought to our attention that Mr. Smalls who covers our nightly segments has been found to be involved in a series of actions unbecoming of a news anchor. We found that Mr. Smalls has been identified through an investigation to have been making up fake sources and fictional information for the purpose of misleading the public within his segments. Since identifying this issue it is our responsibility to let the public know that this misrepresentation has been isolated, and dealt with by holding those involved accountable. The discipline will meet the crime in the aspects of this reporter is no longer credible, nor is he employed with Bigmans News Inc. Our loyal viewers expect fast credible information to be given by enthusiastic and empathetic individuals that have the drive to deliver a story with heart and dedication to the viewers. At Bigmans News Inc. we value the trust that our viewers give us and incidents like this are completely unacceptable by any means. It is with sincere apologies that we inform you the public of such a devastating bit of news like this; however, it is our role in this society to take the blame or credit from the news we report. This news segment will be addressed on-line as well as with our affiliates on talk radio to make sure we convey this message to as many of our followers as possible. Unethical behavior is not and will not be tolerated within our organization, and if charges could be passed they already would have been in place to meet...