Diet Study

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Weight and Activity Level

My BMI is 35.5 and I am in the obese range. When I was in elementary, junior and high school, my weight was in the normal range. When I was in the Army, my weight was also in the normal range. After my first child, still my weight was in the normal range. However, once I had my third child I began gaining weight.

I regularly exercise at least 30 minutes a day on the treadmill or stationary bike. I clean house, run errands, do work study and go to school. As compared to 300 minutes of moderate intensity exercise weekly, I execute around 270 minutes. I do not do muscle strengthening activities at all weekly.

I consumed 3,371 calories during the 3 day diet study and my DRI was 7,818. This shows that I consumed 4,447 less calories than is recommended. On the 3 days that I did the diet plan, I consumed less than was recommended on all three days.

I do not have any health related data for my paternal side of the family. My maternal side of the family has a history of high-blood pressure and heart disease. My mother has both heart disease and blood-pressure. I have high cholesterol which my doctor says is genetic-related.

Foods and Food Components to Reduce


My maximum recommended for sodium is 2,300 mg daily. On day one of the diet study, I consumed 1,404 which is 896 less than recommended. On day two, I consumed 2,565 mg which exceeds the 2,300 maximum recommended for sodium by 265 mg. On that day, I ate one item of Maruchan Roman Noodles; beef flavor dry that contained 1,540 mg of sodium. In addition, I ate one taco bell crunchy taco supreme that contained 740 mg of sodium. On day three, I consumed 1,061 mg which is 1,239 less than is the maximum recommended.

Saturated Fat

My DRI for saturated fats is <29. On day one of the Diet Study, I consumed 12.7g of saturated fat which is 16.3g below the 29g. On day two, I consumed 18.2g of saturated fat which is 10.8g below the 29g. On day three of the study, I consumed 11.6g which...