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Bead Bar Network Essay

Axia College of the University of Phoenix

Technology has come along way over the years and it now provides numerous different options for a variety of things to fit anyone’s wants or any company’s needs. Companies are now no longer forced to use one option because it was the only one available. They can now chose from a huge variety of things that offers a bunch of different options to fit their every need, so the new technology can be worked to fit your needs, not the other way around. Companies now have the option of linking computers and other accessories together in an office. There are a variety of ways that companies can choose to link their computers and accessories depending on what it is they need. There are six different network topologies ranging from easy to difficult and between any price ranges. In addition to choosing how a company wants to link their computers to one another they also get a choice about the network architecture, which decides how the network operates on a conceptual level.

The Bead Bar is a company that creates their own jewelry using wire, beads, and string. This company contains everything that their customers need to make their own jewelry. There are three divisions of the company. It consists of one studio, two franchises, and three Bead Bar on Boards. The Bead Bar studio over seas six studios located in New York City, Long Island, Boston , Washington D.C., and a flagship in New Canaan, Connecticut. The franchises sell beading supplies to stores wanting to open their own locations and they are currently located in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Chicago, Seattle, and Miami. The Bead Bar on board is a portable and was designed especially for cruise ships. When the bead bar started they had a paper-based system, which led to a large problem with human error due to the difficulty of organization. Computers are vital to running a company. The Bead Bar then got recommendations from consultants to buy...