The Government Should Close Down All Cigarette-Producing Factories. Do You Agree or Disagree?

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People have ambivalent opinions toward producing cigarette issue. Some believe that the government should ban all cigarette-producing activities while other argue that the government should not. Both sides considered, I am convinced that cigarettes have more harms than goods.

Needless to say, smoking is seriously harmful to smokers. It can cause respiratory diseases, for example TB, pneumonia, lung cancer and so on. Not only affecting the smokers but smoking also have severe impacts on the people around. Second smokers, or passive smokers, are believed to suffer even more than the active ones. Therefore, when a person light a cigarette, it may means that they are impairing not only their health but also people around’s.

As a result, money spending on cigarettes are somehow just no more than a waste. Some researchers have shown that a smoking addicted person would spend around $5000 a year, $50,000 for 10 years only for smoking. If that enormous amount of money wasn’t spent on cigarettes, that person would be easily able to buy a car!

It is hard to deny that cigarette-producing industry brings about a vast volume of income to the society and the government. Yet, it is also unquestionable that smoking does make the government and society pay more than what it gets. Addicted smokers will eventually suffer from diseases and will need treatment. Surely, part of the treatment fee will be paid by the social insurance or health insurance. The government also has to spend more money on helping these people while that budget can be spent on more meaningful activities, for instance upgrading infrastructures, helping the poor and disabled and many more. Not to mention that passive smokers may include children, who are the future of the nation. Is it right to let them be influenced by the smoking habit of their parents and grow up with the germ of serious illnesses?

Certainly, closing down all cigarette-producing factories is not something as easy as saying because it...