Coca Cola vs Pepsi

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Being Classic

There are two well-known beverage companies in the world which have been in the market for more than hundred years. Being worldwide known The Coca Cola Company (Coca Cola) and Pepsi Company (Pepsi) share customers in the same markets, have similar strategies for communication, and grow around the world. Moreover, from the 19th century up to now, companies modified their logos and slogans what forced grow and popularity of their products. From the beginning until now, their brands appeared everywhere: on the street billboards, in newspaper ads, on the radio, on TV, on phone adds, on the World Wide Web. The companies went through different marketing stages, and with a new invention of the Internet, The Coca Cola Company and Pepsi Company reached the audience they had never reached before. They created websites for communication which overlap but differ at some points.

First of all, both The Coca Cola Company and Pepsi Company created websites with clear names of the companies because it is easier for users to find the website of current company when it uses website name as company’s name. However, companies chose different strategies of using trademark colors. The Coca Cola took a risk and used vivid but not just brand colors such as orange, yellow, blue, green, and red, although the Pepsi decided to stay with traditional brand colors such as white, red, and blue. At the beginning, I think, it was unusual to see using the Coca Cola different colors than red and white, but so far it shows for us that the Coca Cola Company makes not just a brown refreshing drink; it shows that the company has different products and doesn’t afraid of going forward with bright colors which are more acceptable by the young audience. It indicates that company is flexible, even though makes traditional drinks for more than age. Moreover, the Coca Cola posts articles about the financial situation of the company that let us assume that the website attracts serious visitors...