Database Analysis

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{text:bookmark-start} Database Analysis Paper {text:bookmark-end} In today’s business world, data, or information generally, has almost replaced the gold standard of the early 1900’s. Data is the meat and potatoes of many businesses and depending on what technologies a company uses may keep them abreast of the competition and remain solvent. Databases, uniquely enough, are exactly what companies use to sort, store, communicate, share, and maintain. In this paper, according to Sean M. Doane, Director of Information Technology at the International Harvester Employee’s Credit Union in Springfield, Ohio, “Various databases serve different functions and each has its purpose. But with anything electronic, there will always be room for improvements, even if the improvement is a simple upgrade to the hardware’s software (March 2009).” AT&T’s Ken Mui stated, “We depend on any number of databases to keep track of all internet and wireless use all over the Atlanta, GA area. From SQL, Pearl, VitalNet, Netcool, and a new database, Microsoft OLAP, which pulls and splits data into the appropriate spreadsheet or presentation software so management can quickly discern problem areas and take action before it becomes a maintenance problem and customers lose or find breaks in their service (March 2009).” The International Harvester Employee Credit Union uses a common SQL server database as well as a File Server database. They enjoy their e-mail capabilities through Microsoft’s Outlook Exchange Server which houses all data pertaining to electronic mailings, their distribution and delivery and all contact lists and calendars. The main focus of the SQL server for the Credit Union is to maintain and store scanned documents, data retention for checking accounts and all financial transaction histories are maintained there. The file server stores everything else for the most efficient office automation tasks as keeping storage of documents, reports, spreadsheets, images and maintains...