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Report This Essay

A Project Report on

Maggi Noodles

Measuring the Success of its Repositioning Efforts


Executive Summary 3

Background 3

Problem Definition 4

The Management Decision Problem 4

The Marketing Research Problem 4

Approach to the Research Problem 4

A Theoretical framework 4

Exploratory Research 5

Research Design 5

Overview 5

Kind of Information to be obtained 7

Method of administering the questionnaire 7

Scaling techniques 7

Nature of the questionnaire 8

Sampling plan and Sample size 8

Survey Results 8

Respondents’ profile 8

Consumption behavior 9

Snack preferences 9

Consumer preferences and perceptions about Maggi 10

Insights and Conclusion 11

Appendix 12

Questionnaire, Variables and Scale 12

Executive Summary

This report entitled “Maggi Noodles - Measuring the Success of its Repositioning Efforts” deals with the study of Maggi brand that was launched in India in the year 1983, by Nestle India Limited, and which became synonymous with noodles. Our project report tries to find a solution to a real life problem of Maggi trying to reposition its products as a healthy food alternative. The introduction provides the company background, operational & other important information required for further investigation into our intended objective. Further we distil our research questions with the help of a small exploratory research survey. Based on preliminary analysis of the survey we finalise the research questions and develop an approach to tackle them. Our approach consists of identifying the tasks involved, defining the information gathering problem, constructing a basic graphical model and translating that model into an exhaustive questionnaire.

The research design methodology including the questionnaire design, sampling and execution of survey is explained in depth in the relevant sections of the report. Further analysis is done on responses garnered by the questionnaire to give insights into the...

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