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Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd. (AMDL) is a Bangalore-based company in the business of medical equipment distribution and technology services. It was incorporated in 1984 by a set of ambitious entrepreneurs with extensive experience in Healthcare and Information Technology.

AMDL became a public limited company in 1994, after which its shares were listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Bangalore Stock Exchange. In 2001, Opto Circuits (India) Ltd; a leading developer and manufacturer of medical equipment and interventional products, acquired a majority stake in AMDL.

AMDL has offices in every major Indian metro. The company's strength comes from its highly qualified and motivated employees who manage profit-center based divisions. With a participative and collaborative environment, the company provides opportunities for its employees to participate in the growth of the company. With its extended network of strategic business associates and distributors, the company has been able to provide products and services to its major customers in the Indian subcontinent.

The company's commitment to technology and support has been its areas of strength and the reason for its customers to choose AMDL as a vendor of choice. Its customer base includes major Corporate, Defense establishments, Software Technology parks, MNCs and Super-Specialty Hospitals.


Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd., are committed to comply with the requirements and achieve customer satisfaction through innovation & continual improvement in their process approach. This will be done by maintaining the effectiveness of the quality management system and by periodic review of their objectives. They shall operate within the framework of all applicable regulatory requirements.

AMDL Health is the first Indian company to introduce such a solution and bring out the unique functionality of eTraq Transport Monitor, a portable, light-weight unit that provides...

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