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Defining Attractive Women

The word attractive is used to refer to a charming thing or beauty. Attraction should never be confused with lust because it is possible for a man to be attracted to a woman without any feelings of love. Many people are attracted to women based on different qualities that women possess. This means that what might attract a person to a woman is different from what might attract another person. An attractive woman is a beautiful, charming and pleasing person.

Beauty is the essence of a woman and has no qualification or value. A woman is an attractive individual because of some specific qualities which appeal to someone. Some people judge women’s attractiveness based on their cultures or religions. However, irrespective of all these, there are specific physical traits such as shape of the eyes, nose, ears, body and a healthy smooth skin which define beauty for most. In this era of modeling and fashion, majority of men have narrowed down the features of attraction to taller women. Naturally, men are mostly attracted to women who are shorter than them. Also, a woman is considered attractive if her waist ratio is lower to hip ratio, meaning that she has less fat on her waist line. A woman whose body weight is proportional to her height is also considered an attractive lady. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Another characteristic of an attractive woman is charming. Most men base a woman’s attractiveness on whether she has a charming personality or not. The art of having a charming personality is a long term process that is very well appreciated. Charming women tend to give generous compliments, carry interesting conversations and empathize often to others’ problems. Very often, charming women, when they like something or someone, will find a creative way to say it immediately. This is something most men find as an attraction. Men are also attracted to charming women because they always notice the smallest...