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CASE: THE PERT MUSTANG 1. Background of the case Robert Auto Sales and Service (RASAS) sells and service several American and Japanese cars and owned two auto parts stores, a large body shop and car painting business and auto salvage yard. The owner of the RASAS, Vikky Roberts is interested in restoring a 1965 Shelby Mustang GT 350 for advertising a new restoration business she plans to start. Roberts wants the new business to appeal to both types of people, as follows: (i) For the first group, she envisions serving as parts broker for ‘new old stock’ (NOS) , new parts that were manufactured many years ago and are still packaged in their original cartons or even machine new parts to replicate those that are hard to find or no longer in existence; and (ii) For the second group, RASAS could assemble a library of parts and body manuals for old cars to serve as an information resource for do-it-yourself restorers. RASAS would assist the do-it-yourself restorers in compiling the parts list and acquire the parts for them or even RASAS would take charge of the entire restoration. The restoration project involves 22 activities (from A-V) and needs to be completed within 45 days so that the car can be displayed in an auto show at Detroit. Roberts requested an assessment of how the restoration business fits with her other businesses and report on the activities that need to be completed and their interrelationships, an assessment of whether the project can be completed on time, and the expenditure involved (budget). She would like to limit the total expenditures on this project not more than $70,000, including the $50,000 she had spent to acquire the car. Roberts wants a mint condition restoration for her Mustang, without customization. (The proposed new business would accept any kind of restoration a customer wanted)


2. Learning issues This case is an example of how a project is being managed. Generally a project management would have the following life cycles:...