European Car Market

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In line with the requirements for operation of the April Executive 2000 Business Simulation and given that you are launching a new company into the European car market you are to produce the following:

1) An initial business plan and associated prospectus (35%) Maximum number of 1500 Words (plus data & appendices)

The business plan should address:

‑ Mission and strategic objectives of the organisation

‑ Market context of the operation of the proposal

‑ Organisational and structural aspects including key resources

‑ Financial aspects ‑ pledged capital £500m

‑ Rationalised product offering

Business Plan:

Mission Statement

The primary goal of the organisation is to provide affordable, practical and fun automobiles to our customers all over the European market. Our organisation will try to become a market leader within the industry. To do this we will try to meet the ever-changing needs of the customer. We will also try to become a leader in the environmental concerns of the industry. We will endeavour to produce engines that are environmentally friendly, but at the same time practical and affordable.

Strategic Statement

The strategy of the company will be to target the lower-medium sector in the car industry. This sector is considered to be one of the largest sectors in the industry and includes a large diversification of customer. Automobiles in this sector will appeal to a wide range of customer. These include the first-time drivers that have just passed their driving tests to the family person who is looking for practicality. To fulfil our environmental goals we will invest and develop into the area of the environmental engine. These include such ideas as the hybrid car and alternative fuel sources such as natural gas and solar power. As a result the company intends to invest substantially into the research and development of this area.

Promotion of the new products will be over a wide variety of mediums. Promotions will be used on the tradition...