Mgt/330 Wk5 I Individual Paper "Management and Leadership

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Wk5 Individual Paper

Management and Leadership Paper


Dennis S. Hunt

General Growth Properties (GGP) is the 2nd largest Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in the United States with approximately1750 employees. Headquartered in Chicago GGP “a leading real estate owner and operator of high quality regional malls with an ownership interest in 136 regional malls in 41 states as of December 31, 2011, comprising 58 million square feet of gross leasable area, or GLA, excluding anchor tenants. Based on the number of regional malls in our portfolio and GLA, we are the second largest owner of regional malls in the United States.” ( SEC Filings Form 10-K Annual Report Filed Feb 29, 2012)

Recently coming out of a self-imposed bankruptcy, the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has flattened considerably the typical hierarchy of management. Mr. Sandeep Mathrani (CEO) has expressed on numerous occasions via company-wide conference and video calls that the reasoning behind this “flattening” is to help expedite the important decision making that may occur throughout the facilities. The flattening has eliminated layers of red tape by allowing the questions to be posed to the correct manager/executive in a more efficient manner thereby allowing answers to be delegated in a much more responsive manner. Additionally, this flattening has closed the gap between management and leadership and broadened the span of control, respectively. Those in the management positions, whether they be front line managers, or senior executives have a closer relationship with those who serve under them and it is because of this closeness that the natural leaders within an organization or sect are more easily identified and kept in leadership roles.

Due to the flattening of the management hierarchy there no longer exists the multiple layers of authority. By widening and providing equanimity throughout the newly lessened levels of authority roles responsibilities are more evenly dispersed...