Disaster Recovery Plan

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Disaster Recovery Plan

A Disaster Recovery plan is what many organization put together in order to ensure that in case of a potential national or human disaster accrue, they would be able to resume business as usually. The main objective of the disaster is to protect the organizations access, such as computers, power, hardware, software, furniture, power lines, phone system, phone lines, and other equipment that could keep them daily operation. [ (Discover Financial Services) ]

A Disaster Recovery team should governed by key players that are within the organizations. The DRT be represented by an individual from the different departments within the organization that are highly involved in the processes. Each member of the disaster recovery team will be responsible for carrying out a certain part of the disaster recovery plan. The team would be lead by the upper management team with would consist of the Director of Operations that will lead by individuals that are in the following departments: Operations recovery, Physical security, administration, Public Relations, Human Resources , Facility, Purchasing, Information Technology (IT) Telecommunication and Damage assessment and salvage. [ (Discover Financial Services) ] [ (Disaster Planning Roles and Responsibilities) ]

The roles and responsibilities of the Director of Operations is to first review the Disaster Recovery plan; make sure that it is tested; approve it then activate the disaster recovery plan; make sure that each team is trained for the DRP; make sure that the DRP is tested every third quarter; declare that an disaster has accrued; make sure that there is appropriate coverage for the recovery; monitor effectiveness; and make sure that overall responsibility is coordinated. [ (Discover Financial Services) ] [ (Disaster Planning Roles and Responsibilities) ]

The roles and responsibilities of the Operation recovery team responsibility is to develop and update the Disaster Recovery Plan as...