Politics Trump Policy

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Political Environment Case Study

CJA/444 Organizational and Behavior Management

March 11th, 2012

Melinda Allen

Politics Trumps Policy

The brief case study implements that the reformation of the prison systems is unacceptable to the new Governor. A staff has been hired, maintained at the facilities, and they are beginning to accept the policies in which I have set forth. Recidivism has dropped because the new policies have been in play as well as giving the inmates opportunities to learn, work, and receive proper treatment. The governor wants me to come up with a new game plan and start from scratch. This paper will provide a thought out response, negotiation with the governor, if there is support, and demonstrating how the policies have been effective throughout the system.


With the improvements that the new policies have provided I would not end any of the programs provided. I would prove to the governor that these programs are not just housing inmates and allowing them to learn basics, work when they want that these programs are bettering the inmates allowing them to steer toward a life without crime when they are released from the facilities. A conversation between he and me would need to be a personal meeting where we could sit down and discuss his issues and my issues and work toward a resolution, possibly meeting somewhere in the middle if need be.


There is always room to negotiate with another individual including the governor. A face-to-face meeting with one another is the most appropriate form of trying to negotiate; this provides parties to express thoughts, questions, and concerns. Also with a face-to-face meeting there is less of a chance for any individuals in the parties to interpret the conversation the wrong way.

If while negotiating an ultimatum came into place where I could choose the programs and policies I find most effective and add programs and policies the governor suggests I would...