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Comparative Analysis compare before using oracle and after using oracle

I took a cause and effect analysis to this.

Do to Maruti Suzuki’s growth; the company’s IT department had a growing challenge in keeping up. Different lines of business were using homegrown systems and the integration between them was poor. With the staff having to enter data multiple times, the company still couldn’t gather useful management reports without doing it manually. Due to the company having multiple business lines it only made things complex. It was critical for Maruti Suzuki to create an IT environment that could accommodate more products and services, more customers, and a lot more data.

Suzuki needed to its change process and figure out how to solve their integration problem, so that this doesn’t happen in the future. Suzuki was looking to provide real-time, end-to-end visibility throughout the company. Oracle was chosen by Suzuki to fully intergrade their systems. Oracle’s Technology no intergraded Suzuki’s business, from the back office to online sales to its dealer network. This allowed the IT department to deliver efficiency and flexibility. Due to this data is collected more efficiently and new technologies can be added.

In conclusion due to Suzuki’s growth and the need to overhaul its IT systems, I can see why they chose Oracle as the single vendor to come up with a solution to their problem, since Suzuki was already using some of Oracle’s software. Therefore allowing Oracle to fully intergrade their software it now allows Suzuki to work more effectively with their different departments. Using Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server with Oracle E-Business Suite modules allow Suzuki to run its financial, purchasing, and human resources systems. The open architecture of these components has simplified integration with Suzuki’s procurement, dispatch, time card, production planning, and business intelligence systems. Oracle will have to continue to...