Quality Health Care

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Quality Health Care in North Carolina

Reba McBride

May 28, 2012

Elizabeth Pepmiller

HCA 340

Quality Health Care in North Carolina

1) Introduction

Health care is comprised of directing and controlling a group of one or more people or entities for the purpose of coordinating and harmonizing that group towards accomplishing a goal. Health care often encompasses the deployment and manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and natural resources. All of these are synchronized to reach the goal of quality health care in North Carolina.

2) Improving Quality by provides an executive summary, history of the topic, learning objectives, and underlying theory.

3) The experience and the lessons learned from the North Carolina program during the implementation of community health networks in the care of Medicaid recipients.

4) Novant Health of North Carolina are reorienting management on coordinating care and reducing variation through new, more efficient and effective evidence-based care processes.

5) Information technology has consistently been identified as an important component of any approach for improvement.

6) Strategic Planning in Healthcare: Building a Quality-Based Plan Step by Step offers healthcare managers a realistic approach to integrating total quality management (TQM) into strategic planning.

7) Conclusion:

The conclusion will show how the new technology has benefited the community. Also the local hospital has been able to expand due to the strategic planning of the future of its services and the community.

8) Resources Cited

a) Kuperman, G. J., & Gibson, R. F. (2003). Computer Physician Order Entry: Benefits, Costs, and Issues. Annals of Internal Medicine, 139(1), 31.

This article offers a look at the computerized technology that offers a new way of providing significant benefits and is an important platform for future changes to the health care system.

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