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To: Phillip J.


Date: 6/5/2012

Re: Operational Gap

I would like to discuss the possibility of adding a new position to our department staff due to the fact that we have an operational gap within the property department. Being the hiring manager within this department it is imperative that you look over the following request so that you can look at the information and make a decision on whether you agree with the findings or whether there is not enough information provided within this memo for you to make that decision. The responsibilities for the position in question would include:

• Scanning Documentation Into System for Department

• Answering Phones for Department

• Making Copies for Department

• Making Document Runs to other Departments

• Delivering and Receiving Mail for Staff

• Archiving Old Files to Processing Department

The responsibilities that have been listed were compiled by the staff and by supervisors of the staff in order to see where the new position would best fit into each area of the department. As a department that has an extremely heavy workload these were areas that each employee in our department is having trouble keeping up with on top of an already extensive workload. The minimum attributes that a new employee would need to possess in order to be considered for this position would be to have a positive attitude and the ability to perform his or her duties without the supervision of a senior staffer. A person who is able to function on his or her own and set priorities that would provide the best service to our department staff. The position could be a temporary position that offers full time hours and if the new position fills the operational gap successfully for the entire department the position could become a full time slot. The following are skills that would be required for the position:

• Computer Skills