Bus 415 Week 3 Scenarios

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Team B- Week 3 Scenarios 1-4

University of Phoenix

Business Law


Scenario 1:

Scenario 2:

In scenario 2, the torts committed are unintentional tort, malpractice tort, duty of care and negligence. The restaurant put Anna in harm because there was glass in her food. The Italian restaurant is also responsible for the other guests because they did not have proper exits in the restaurant therefore leading to an old woman being trampled and several other customers sent to the hospital. The restaurant neglected to make sure that the food was safe and neglected to install a second emergency exit. The hospital was also negligent by mixing up their patient’s charts and performing the wrong operation on Anna, leading to them amputating her leg.

The plaintiffs in this scenario are Anna and all the other customers in the restaurant who were injured. Anna is the plaintiff because she was the one that found the glass in her food and because she lost her leg due to a doctor’s mix up at the hospital. The other customers are plaintiffs because they obtained serious injuries and had to be taken to the hospital.

The first defendants would be the owner of the Italian restaurant, including his chef and waiters. They did not make sure that the food being served was safe for their customers to eat and also did not make sure the restaurant had proper emergency exits. The last defendants’ would be the surgeon and the hospital who amputated Anna’s leg. The surgeon did not pay attention to his patients chart and therefore he performed the wrong surgery.

Anna and the customers of the restaurant can file a negligence suit against the restaurant for failure to protect their customers against fires which led to many customers being injured and Anna being cut with glass that was in her food. Anna can also file a negligence suit against the hospital because the surgeon mistakenly amputated her leg thinking she was...