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Dear Prospective Employer:

My experience in accounting and administrative functions spans 7 years, with the large majority of my experience as an Accounting Manager with The Hnos. Gonzalez Construction. The details of my responsibilities and accomplishments are outlined on my resume; what I would like to convey here are the underlying traits and abilities indicated through my background: 

-         I am well-versed in a broad range of accounting and administrative functions. Through my experience in these activities, I am able to make quick, well-formed decisions as issues and problems arise.

-        I am consistently seeking ways to improve processes and operations. Through changes in task scheduling, employee incentives, and the ordering of business processes, I have innovated improvements that subsequently led to significant cost savings.

-         I maintain a clear focus on producing results. Whether it be through achieving a high completion rate for on-time payments or influencing team members to improve their capabilities, I stress that actions without positive results are costly and set back company goals. Thus, the “end result” is my priority.

In addition to a results-driven approach, you can be assured that I would uphold the highest level of work detail and ethical standards as a member of your team. I am flexible and adaptable to both new situations and changing organizational needs.

My resume is enclosed to provide you with specific details concerning my background and qualifications. I would appreciate the opportunity to interview for this position, as I am certain that a face-to-face meeting would more fully reveal my positive attitude and ability to meet your expectations.

Thank you,



Melvin Gonzalez