Human Resource Management

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1. In order to have a successful business it will be important for Human Resources(HR) to be a strategic partner. Having HR as a strategic partner will help an organization with expansion of their current business, help with new products or services, and developing new technologies and applications. With expanding the current business, HR can provide inputs on such issues as how many employees will be needed, how much it will cost the company by expanding, how much the company can pay the employees, and if the expansion will be beneficial for the company in the long run. HR can also help with the training and development of employees. This is vital to strategic planning because it will cut down on a high turnover rate. Providing adequate training and developing employees careers enables a stable working environment. “It is through effective delivery of human resource services that you can make human resource a strategic partner” (Claudius, 2010). HR will be needed to develop a strategy and business plan. HR can contribute in this area by: “recruiting the right employees, effective use of technology, and well-developed competencies of the workforce, and their relevance to organizational core business” (Claudius, 2010). Strategic planning is important to an organization and to not have Human Resources as a partner will be costly mistake. HR plays an important role in the training and development of employees, recruiting employees, and hiring the best possible employees for the organization. An organization will need HR inputs to plan for now and the future. To be successful, a business will need for HR to be a strategic partner.

2. The benefits derived from this type arrangement are huge. It will have a big impact on the organization’s performance and overall employee’s satisfaction. HR will be involved in other areas besides from day-to-day administrative issues. HR would be involved with the organization’s budget and recommend different benefit packages. With...