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Philadelphia is a movie that was released in 1993 about a man with AIDS, who is fired by a law firm because of his condition. This man hired a small town lawyer, who was the only willing, as a advocate for a wrongful dismissal suit. The actor in Philadelphia who had aids, who went by the name Andrew Beckett in the movie, real name was Tom Hanks. The lawyer, who defended Mr. Becket, whose name in the movie was Joe Miller, real name was Denzel Washington.

Andrew Becket, a gay lawyer, infected with AIDS worked for one of the largest law firms in Philadelphia (Wyatt Wheeler). Mr. Beckett was a promising lawyer who had just been promoted to Senior Associate. Shortly after Mr. Beckett was promoted, he was given the firm’s newest and most important case. On the day he was assigned this case, one of the firm’s partners noticed a small lesion on Beckett’s forehead. Because Mr. Beckett was not open about his homosexuality, he had not revealed to the firm that he had contracted HIV. Shortly afterward, Beckett stayed at home for several days to try to find a way to hide the lesions. Even though Beckett was at home, he worked on the assigned case in which he was given because he knew this was a important case. After completing the work, he took the work in to the office and left instructions for his assistants to file the complaint in court which was the next day. Beckett returns to his home, but had to be rushed to the hospital.

While at the hospital, Beckett receives a call from the firm asking for the complaint; claiming that the complaint could not be found. However, the complaint was found and was filed at the court. Even though the complaint was located, the next day, the firm fired Mr. Beckett. The partners who once referred to Mr. Beckett as their buddy was now questioning his professional abilities. This was not the real reason that Mr. Beckett was fired; he was fired because during this era, people were not educated on...