Vulnerable Populations and the United States Health Care System

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Vulnerable Populations Part 1



Vulnerable Populations Part 1

Vulnerable populations are groups not well integrated into the health care system for various reasons. Some of these reasons can include cultural, economic, geographic, and ethics sources of vulnerability. In the United States vulnerable populations can even consist of underinsured or uninsured Americans considered middle class. For many the impact that the economy has had on health care has been the primary factor for the placement of several groups into a vulnerable population. The reduced access to health care has put millions at risk of not obtaining necessary medical care and is a direct threat to his or her health.

The cause of vulnerability includes several factors such as political and social marginalization and a lack of socioeconomic and societal resources (Derose, Escarce, & Lurie, 2007). One of the most vulnerable populations on health care in the United States, and has been for decades, is the Immigrant population both documented and illegal. It must be said that immigrants are an important part of the United Stated and its growth. Immigrants have contributed both to the economy and diversity of the country however, despite their important role; immigrants disproportionately lack health coverage and receive fewer health services than native-born citizens (Feld, 2000). The right to receive health care in the United States is not as easily attainable or assessable as many may believe. The United States health care system and delivery is wrapped up with guidelines and significant costs that can seem impossible for a vulnerable population to access.

Why Immigrants are a Vulnerable Population

Immigrants on a large-scale are not well integrated into the United States health care system. The reason for the lack of integration into the health care systems begins with their arrival into the United States. The challenges that immigrants face when entering the...