Discuss the Effects of Unsafe Practices in a Health and Social Care Setting

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M3 - Discuss the effects of unsafe practices when preparing, cooking and serving food in a Health and Social Care setting

There can be many potential hazards that can have an effect on the food you eat. You may not think of these hazards at the time when you are eating your food, but staff must ensure that they identify the potential hazards when preparing, cooking and serving food to service users.

Physical Contamination

Physical contaminants can include bones, shells, pips or stalks from different foods, also food packaging and nuts or bolts from equipment. Other physical contaminants can include, jewellery, fingernails, plasters, dust, dirt, egg shells and insects and their droppings. However the majority of these contaminants can be prevented easily by ensuring that anyone working with food has their hair tied back and covered with a hair net, have short and clean unvarnished fingernails and also people working with food should also not wear jewellery when preparing food. Ensuring equipment is clean and is safe to use will help to prevent contamination from little parts falling off the equipment. The correct preparation of food should ensure that bones and shells are fully removed before serving.

Chemical Contamination

Chemical contamination can be caused by different cleaning chemicals. This can happen if cleaning products aren’t kept separate from food and food preparation areas. There are also agricultural contaminations, these can occur on fresh fruits and vegetables if they have been sprayed. People must ensure that they wash the fresh fruit and vegetables and also peel them if they can be peeled, before eating. Leftover food or drink from metal containers must always be moved to a non-metallic container and stored covered in a refrigerator. Acidic and salty foods can attack the metal once a can has been opened. All cleaning products must be stored in an appropriate place, locked away from food preparation areas. Also there should be a...