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Part 1 - The Ruse

Nov 26 was my birthday but since it was a Wednesday, Jason told me that he would celebrate it with me, 'just the two of us', on Sunday Nov 30, and that he would plan a 'special surprise.' But since we had a small Alpha partners dinner that evening where Jason had to MC and I had to share a testimony, we could only celebrate my birthday during the day.

Now when Jason said "special surprise" I had thought that maybe he was going to propose, but I wasn't totally sure because every time we had talked about marriage he would pretend to fall asleep. :p

So come Sunday noon, we meet near my place and grab a few sandwiches, and take the mysterious bus number 40 to Wah Fu (I don't know the bus routes that well so I had no idea where we were going). We stopped near the Pokfulam Reservoir and started hiking on the HK trail. Halfway up the hill we stopped and had a wonderful little picnic in the sun, and then kept walking up, until we arrived at the Peak of Mount Victoria. This was our first time together at the Peak (I had always complained that Jason never took me up to the Peak), and it was a beautiful and completely clear day you could see all the way to the mountains in Kowloon so we took lots of pictures together. As we were walking around together on the Peak, there was a moment when Jason said, " did you know that there's spiritual significance to this moment?"

I replied "um… really?"

He said "yes, it's like our relationship the walking up was tough and difficult, like how we went through some difficult patches; but after those times we get to enjoy the beautiful view together."

At that moment, it crossed my mind that perhaps he would get down on one knee and propose, since it was quite out of the ordinary for him to say something like that. However, he continued walking on. So we walked around the Peak (it took forever cuz we kept stopping to take pictures) until it got kind of late, and we had to go home and change and prepare...