Case Study Methodology

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Case Study Methodology

What is case study?

• Case studies emphasize detailed contextual analysis of a limited number of events

• Case study is an empirical inquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon within its real-life context

How to use case study method?

Robert K. Yin and Stake, R. E. stated that there are six steps namely,

• Determine and define the research questions

• Select the cases and determine data gathering and analysis techniques

• Prepare to collect the data

• Collect data in the field

• Evaluate and analyze the data

• Prepare the report

In the case study…..

• A case study is an in-depth study as compared to studies with many observations (breath).

• Usually answers one or more questions which begin with "how" or "why."

• To conduct a literature review to assist in defining the research questions.

• To find out what has already been done by literature review

Case Studies and Practice

- Interesting, real world situations with insights into the studies of management

- Decision making

- may become easier

- better quality of decisions

- faster decision making

- Working in teams

Case Studies Solutions

- Different from normal homework design

- Often more than one answer

- depends on assumptions and problem definition

- Time is well spent

- confidence in a decision-making position

- parallels to real-world situations

Attacking the Case

- Problems with quantity of information

- first too much/later not enough

- Solution:

- seek additional information

- make assumptions

- Decide which questions to ask

- Instructor will be more interested in the analyses and process than in absolute correctness

Steps of Problem Analyses

- Read the case thoroughly

- Define the central issue

- Define the firms goals

- Identify the...