Case: Big Cinemas @ Rave Moti

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About Big Cinemas

BIG Cinemas, a division of Adlabs Films Limited, a member of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, is currently India’s largest cinema chain with about 400 screens spread across India, US and Malaysia.

Big Cinemas was previously known as Adlabs Cinemas. Adlabs was founded in 1978 by Manmohan Shetty as a film processing unit. In 2001, Adlabs entered the multiplex business by launching India's first IMAX theatre in Wadalba, Mumbai. The company expanded by converting single-screen cinema halls into multiplexes like the famous Metro Adlabs in Mumbai. In 2005, Adlabs was acquired by Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (A Group Owned by Anil Ambani). In 2007, Adlabs acquired all the properties of Rave Cinemas, a cinema chain based in Kanpur. Currently, Adlabs operates 70 properties and 181 screens in more than 40 cities across India. Adlabs commands a significant presence in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

Recently, the cinema chain was re-branded as Big Cinemas.

About Big Cinemas, Rave @ Moti Kanpur

It is situated in Rawatpur area, one of the busiest areas in Kanpur. It is adjoining to the Kakadeo area which is a hub for coaching institutes to various entrance examinations. The demographics profile in this area consists of a large population of students aged between 18-24.