Cyber Crime in Malaysia and U.S.A.

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All at your fingertips. Phase of this verse is quite popular at the moment. Indeed, sophisticated information technology (IT) led us to choose something that can be done more easily and quickly. If possible, all matters to be made in one place. Time and expence factors influenced this choice.

Thus, when the competing banks offering online service known as internet banking, many welcomed this initiative. As a consumer, it is seen to benefit them. But at the same time, there is a further cause for concern. The extent to which this method safe to use, or ini simple term, the extent to which money is protected user continue to bea question mark.

Although the bank many times they say safety ia a priority, in fact, still there are consumers who complained of losing money through transactions carried out, without conscious oraware. Why is this happening? The reason given by the bank what is happening not because off their mistakes. All things are provided guaranteed features high security. They added that consumers are not deceived when dealing with bank, but before that again. Then there are others who ‘cut’ using the same methods as provided by the concerned bank. More precisely, banking website have been imitated to ‘legalize’ the fraud.


Before we go further to discuss the cyber crime, first let us look at the definition of cyber crime itself. Crimical means an activities such as theft, fraud, forgery and axtortion. Computer crime involves all the usual crimical activities and all activities that involve the violation of existing law.

However, a better definition and framework has been made by Mr. Donn B. Parker who is be researcher in computer crime and security for SRI International in Menlo Park, California. He stated that computer crime is any conduct that has the intention and is associated with the...