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Running head: Mod 1 SLP

Module 1: Session –Long Project

Ajay K. Giri

TUI University

September 8, 2011


My company of choice is Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company. Harley-Davidson, Inc. , commonly abbreviated “HD” operates in two business segments: the Motorcycles & Related Products (Motorcycles) segment and the Financial Services segment. Established in 1903 and headquartered in Milwaukee, WI HD is one of only two American motorcycles to survive the Great Depression, HD manufactured a combined total of 105,000 motorcycles for the United States and her allies between WWI and WWII. Today the HD corporation boasts over 900 dealerships in the United States alone with plans to open 100-150 dealerships in Europe, India and China by the end of 2010. HD is publically traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “HOG”(Barrett, 2009).


As previously mentioned Harley-Davidson specializes in heavyweight v-twin motorcycles (750 cc and above). Harley’s motorcycle design consists of highway cruisers and touring models. There are five distinct Harley-Davidson model families ranging from 883 cc to 110 cubic inches ( 1800 cc). The model families are Sportster, Dyna, Softail, Touring, and VROD. There are enough makes and models to satisfy casual weekend warriors and diehard enthusiasts alike. Harley-Davidson also specializes in certified pre-owned bikes available directly from the dealer for the first-time buyer or collector. Harley-Davidson’s VROD collection was designed to move away from the traditional cruiser and street machine look and provide a sportier variant to appeal to those who wanted to buy into American history while at the same time owning a machine more geared towards speed enthusiasts. Additionally the different models are perfect fits for all experience levels. To compliment their bike sales HD dealerships have full maintenance service to include routine...