Creating a Social Program

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Creating a Social Program Ashley L. Kidd Mrs. Tish Frungillo HHS 245 Introduction Teenage pregnancy is not a problem that can easily be seemfor this reason that is why it is an issue that needs be solved today. Many critical issues subside from teenage pregnancy from school failure, crime and child abuse and neglect. If teenage pregnancy the foundations of all these rooted issues could be solved it would make a significant decrease of problems in the United States. One main solution that would help make this decrease would for more children in this country to be born to parents that are ready and capable of taking care of them significantly. To solve this issue I propose a social program titled Teenage Pregnancy Survival. The design will be for teenage parents to be able to provide and take on full responsibility of the expected child with all resources that can be provided allowing help with any issues that might occur from this goal being meant. Its purpose is to provide education on prenatal and early childhood that will improve the health and social performance of the family and baby. The program will be equipped with trained nurses and mentors to provide support, education and counseling on health and parenting issues. This program begins in the early stages of pregnancy and continues until the child is five. Families will be opted to develop confidence and skills for parenting and economic self-sufficiency by working with trained nurses and mentors. The Problem The Analysis Listed below is a summary of findings from website which shows the demographics of Tennessee Teen Pregnancy (Cooper, 2008). “Birth rates have declined significantly for teenagers 15-19 years of age from 2005 to 2006; the birth rate has declined by 30 percent in the U.S. Rates are per 1,000. A teenage girl can be faced with many different situations that may make her pregnant. Some teenage girls can become pregnant while involved in relationships others may just...