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Problem Solution: Global Communications

Global Communication like many other telecommunication services in the industry is facing challenging opportunities for growth. In order to save the company, Global Communication will need to look into implementing new strategies and solutions to its current situations on growth, expansion, outsourcings, and downsizing of its company. This paper will focus on the step by step process in order for Global Communication to arrive and achieve its vision.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Global Communications is facing pressure in the industry with its competitors. Clearly, too much competition on local, long-distance and international markets is all competing for the same business. The industry also suffered huge blow from cable companies. Shareholders are bemoaning and speculating about the industry’s ability to rebound. Global Communications’ stock plunged at $11 per share compared to its prior three years of $28 per share which is at 50% depreciation.

Global Communications lack the ability to communicate effective to their employees, Union employees and Maria Antez the Vice President in the Technologies Workers Union on their outsourcing and cost-cutting plans. Global Communications’ Senior Leadership team also did not leave room for negotiation with the Workers Union creating conflicts of interest where actions will be taken both through the government and all other available resources. Katrina and Joel also failed to communicate effectively to Maria whom is in charge of the Workers Union negotiations. This approach has created an aggressive communication instead of an assertive style of communication. Global Communication lacks the ability to use proper communication medium to discuss their plan of restructuring the company. For example, the use of general e-mail messages to communicate the reorganization of the company. Global Communication has not communicated in details their job...