Mba570 Tera Tech Marketing Plan

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Tera Tech Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

Tera Tech is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution provider whose target customers are the pharmaceutical industry. Tera Tech five-year old company is founded and operated by a 20 year industry veteran Jack Dwyer. Jack has leveraged his extensive experience to provide high quality product. Tera Tech’s focus is to renew the strategic focus and vision of the company to add value on the target market. Tera Tech’s competitive edge consists of their unusual ability to explain or teach complex technical issues to clients of all computing abilities. The ability to translate complex computer ease into Basic English is an unusual and desired skill. This competitive edge allows Tera Tech to empower clients with new knowledge, making them feel significantly more comfortable in the computing environment where they now interact in so many activities. Tera Tech will offer computer support to clients of six major categories: RFP stage, implementation stage, post implementation, On-site, telephone, and email Support. These categories will comprise 95% of the operations. Tera Tech will rapidly gain market share by offering needed services, outstanding customer service, and reasonable prices.

Situation Analysis

Tera Tech is close starting their sixth year of being in business. The company has been successful but for continue success marketing is crucial. The company is pharmaceutical industry based and offers [pic]Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.[pic] CRM evaluates relationships of the service and products by developing an entire picture of a company (Puschmann, 2001). Before discussing strategy for potential growth, Tera Tech has to comprehend where the company has been and where they currently are positioned. Tera Tech market analyzes in detail the needs of their target market. Afterward reviews the [pic][pic]strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats;[pic] which follow with details of some...