English Idiom Exlporation

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After our systematical and critical analysis, we have made recommendations or action plans as follows: First of all, Eat2Eat.com has to bring new investment because we are kind of financially underwater at the moment. We still have not reach our breakeven point for five years, which is a big problem right now. The new financial support will be a prerequisite for what we plan to do for the sake of our business since Aggarwal was ever an investment banker and worked in Tokyo for several years, he could take advantage to hunt for venture capital in Japan. Although there are many disadvantages in this option, this is the fastest and the easiest way to get additional capital compared with other options. Once Aggarwal has got sufficient money, he can employ 3 or 4 representatives so that he can spare himself from day-to-day affairs and embark on conceiving strategy which will be beneficial to the company’s development. According to financial analysis, Aggarwal should allocate the employees and other resources to the most profitable markets and conduct different promotion approaches according to their profiles.

Secondly, Aggarwal should continue participating in The Eat! Promotion, which is a very smart kind of invisible advertising campaign . The Eat! Promotion is one of The Asian Wall Street Journal’s most popular features, which gains a lot of attention from both readers and critics. The promotion will definitely benefit the website in the longer term. Additionally, we’re thinking about putting more efforts on the invisible advertising strategy, since it’s such a successful and effective approach, if affordable. For instance, we cooperate with TV and Movie industry, make an invisible advertisement by putting the plot we need into the popular blockbuster or TV dramas, which is about the actor/actress using eat2eat to make reservations for their fancy dinner in the story. Hopefully, that can make a difference to the dining habits of...